Integrated Services


Besides the actual production of timber, Tanex Wood offers its clients a wide range of quality services that facilitates the transactions with its partners.



Quality Control

Customs Services

Transport Services


Continental, or intercontinental, on land, on air, on water, Tanex Wood delivers worldwide.




We have our own trucks for national routes, so we can deliver anywhere within Romania.


We collaborate with leading companies to ensure road and rail transport all over Europe.


We deliver worldwide by means of conventional shipping and container.

Consultancy Services


Our technical sales staff will be happy to advise you on site wherever you are in the world.

Our consultancy service not only takes your end products into account, but also your production processes. Together with you, we identify the beech timber grade which offers you the best value for money.



Quality Control Services


We have a dedicated team consisting of technicians and engineers who are specialised to check the products according with desired quality standards.



Customs Services


Our export experts can provide you solutions for all your particular needs, helping you in relationship with the authorities, permits and all import-export documentation are prepared by our trained staff.

We take care of obtaining required export licenses and approvals (phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin, EUR1, fumigation certificates).




We deliver Worldwide

Almost twenty years of experience in timber export to countries around the world, have made Tanex Wood a trustworthy partner.